Curated List of Must-Read JavaScript Books

JavaScript: The Good Parts

One of the best JavaScript books if you are just starting to learn programming or are migrating from other languages.

Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming

This is a great book if you are learning programming in general, and JavaScript is your language of choice.

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

Become a JavaScript guru by reading this book. The main author, John Resig, is the head of JavaScript development at Khan Academy and the creator of jQuery.

JavaScript with Promises

General book about JavaScript, covering many new ES6 features including promises.

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

A deep dive into the JavaScript language and development process. If you like to become a professional JavaScript developer, this book is a must.

You Don't Know JavaScript Series

A fun-to-read series of JavaScript books that gets you started with the language. You may only choose the books that only cover the areas you are most interested in.